Adam Zhen, an only child, is really excited for this class trip. He’s never visited a nature preserve before, and he wants to learn to spell the names of the different types of plants and animals he sees. Adam loves reading, playing the drums, baseball, and football.
Michael Morales has one older brother. He is excited to spend his day digging in the dirt and exploring the bugs he can dig up. Michael plays the piano and guitar, and he loves country music. He spends his free time watching the latest superhero movies.
Jay Hersch is the oldest child in his family. He has two younger sisters, and he likes video games and watching basketball. He is super friendly, but his teachers have historically described him as “easily distracted.” He is hyper-focused on eating a great dessert every day. He would have preferred to skip school today because riding the bus gives him a headache.
Ross Wilson is the youngest of three boys. Ross plays soccer and lacrosse, but during his free time he loves playing video games. Ross likes to take charge of situations because he gets tired of his older brothers bossing him around all the time. Ross is excited that he won’t have to spend his day sitting at his desk studying his least favorite subject, math.

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